Day Trip to Mantua, a Unesco World Heritage Site

As the end of summer approached, we wanted to make one more day trip before the start of the start of the fall school schedule. When considering day trips from Milan, it’s hard to choose. There are just so many beautiful places to visit within a relatively short drive from Milan. A short drive in any direction from Milan will bring you to a beautiful place. We decided to head southeast to city of Mantua, a picturesque, small medieval town in Lombardy which is only a 2-hour drive from Milan.

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Cinque Terre Without The Crowds

Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is one of Italy’s iconic travel destinations. It’s a stretch of the Ligurian coast made up of five colorful fishing villages perched on rocky cliffs. These five, picturesque towns are linked together by train and a famous coastal hiking trail. I’ve wanted to visit Cinque Terre for many years but I’ve always been hesitant. My Italian friends warned me that it’s very crowded and advised me never to visit during the summer peak season.

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