Coronavirus: Hello Phase 2!

Last night, Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, explained to all of Italy what life will look like as we enter into Phase 2 of containment measures. Phase 1 of the lockdown ends next week on May 4 and for several weeks now, many have been asking and wondering when the details of Phase 2 would be revealed. Although the new measures are a bit vague on some details, one thing is very sure and that is the continued enforcement of social distancing in every area of public life. The new phase is laid out in a 70 page document released last night. Here are the highlights:

May 4:

  1. Construction, factory, and wholesale activity may resume
  2. Solo sports are permitted
  3. Travel is prohibited outside of one’s region (unless for medical or work reasons)
  4. Travel within one’s region is allowed but you have to carry an “autocertificazione” (a form that states why your travel is necessary).
  5. Funerals allowed but only with a maximum of 15 people
  6. Parks open

May 18:

  1. Retail shops allowed to open
  2. Museums open
  3. Libraries open
  4. Team sports resume 

June 1:

  1. Restaurants open
  2. Bars and cafes open
  3. Barbers and hair salons open
  4. Beauty spas open

Schools are out for the rest of the year and sadly there’s no word yet on when churches can hold services or meetings. Also, no word on when gyms, sports centers and other cultural meeting places can open. After explaining Phase 2, Conte reiterated that if the number of new cases spike, the country will, once again, go into lockdown. He warned that Italy may not survive the economic consequences of another lockdown. Conte asked Italian citizens to be responsible, abide by the measures and, of course, continue to practice social distancing to avoid a new outbreak.

I’m looking forward to taking long walks and leisurely bike rides next week! 

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  1. Long walks are most welcomed!
    Nice summary. I got nauseated by the criticisms he received on social media. They said he is “una nullità”, and the right opposite in the same sentence. All along declaring that never and never would they download the App “Immuni”, because it’s an App to control us. 😳

    1. As a newcomer to this country and one not yet familiar with its politics, I’m impressed with Conte. I think he’s done a good job of leading the country through, what is no doubt, its greatest crisis ever.

  2. Thank you for the update. Shared with Conversational Italian! group on Facebook. Our hearts are with you in Italy, even as we face our own crisis here in America. #andràtuttobene

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