Easter in Milan: Grazie Andrea Bocelli!

Yesterday, I, along with millions of people around the world, watched Andrea Bocelli give a live stream concert from the Duomo of Milan. The mayor of Milan, Bepe Sala, had invited him to give the concert as a gift to the people of Milan, and indeed the world, on Easter Sunday.

To see Andrea stand alone in the empty, iconic Duomo, the symbol of Milan, was striking to say the least. My adopted city has endured so much disease, so much death that at times it’s overwhelming. As Andrea sang “Amazing Grace” on the steps of the church to an empty Piazza Duomo, what is usually one of the busiest and liveliest places in the city, full of tourists snapping photos of the towering Duomo and busy locals walking through the piazza on their way to a business lunch or an aperitivo, those of us who live in the Milan metro area were moved to tears. His performance was a small reminder of God’s common grace, beauty given to us even at the darkest hour and for that I’m thankful. Grazie Andrea!

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