As of 6 p.m. last night, there are 27,980 cases of Coronavirus and 2,153 deaths in Italy. We had our second day of losing over 300 people in a 24 hour period. Yesterday there were 349 deaths, one of which was a relative of a dear friend.


Over the past week I’ve grown increasingly concerned that so many people in the U.S. and other places dismiss the gravity of this virus. They simply don’t get it and won’t listen to us here in Lombardia, the Wuhan of Europe. The young selfishly disregard the danger because they think they’re not at risk, never stopping to think they could be asymptomatic and carry death itself to their grandparents or other vulnerable person. Then there are the skeptics who think the media has exaggerated the danger, so they go about their business, ignoring the call to stay in their homes. They can’t be bothered to be inconvenienced temporarily in order to protect and save those weakest in society. They’re the experts, knowing everything and scoffing at those who disagree with them. The sceptics are giants in their own minds.

I’m no expert, but I do know basic math and the numbers don’t lie. The numbers are terrifying. The mortality rate ranges from 5-9 percent depending on location here in Italy. The median age of those who die is 64 (see the graph below). The experts say we might reach the peak this coming Sunday, March 22. By the end the week, Italy might have reached 30-40,000 cases and hundreds of more deaths. In Rho, the next town over from us, an enormous indoor fair grounds is being converted into a make-shift hospital. We’re bracing for what’s to come. All we can do is listen to the authorities, help the elderly, do our part and pray. Thankfully, in the last few days the U.S. is finally taking some action, but is it enough? I fear not.

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