Today the numbers here in Lombardy are depressing: 9,820 cases, 890 deaths. That’s a 9 percent mortality rate. For a week more than 100 people have died every day just in our region. What’s even more depressing is that we’re being told that we have not reached the peak of the virus yet.

One ray of sunshine amidst the darkness is the way in which Italians are handling this crisis. As a newcomer to this country, I have been so impressed with the Italian people under lockdown. Their ability to find humor and joy during this chaos is amazing. Here are just a of my favorite memes that have brought a smile to my face.

This is what Milan looks like during lockdown.

Amuchina is the Italian brand of hand sanitizer that became scarce weeks ago.

“Barbie, Taking a Walk in Milan. Mask not included.”

Yes, the situation is bad, but the Italian people have shown incredible solidarity and strength in this crisis. Just last night people all over Italy went to their windows and balconies at 6 pm and sang or played an instrument. Some sang the national anthem, some sang a traditional song, and some played their instruments. These little acts are bringing joy and unity to a country under lockdown.

Keep the people of Italy in your prayers. Forza Italia!

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